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Magical Potion

The Magical Potion

Glam L’amour

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The Magical Potion
The Magical Potion


1. 100% Homemade Natural Formula
2. 7 of the worlds TOP Oils from around the World fused into 1
3. NO Harsh toxins, Parabens, Alcohol, Silicon, or Sulfates
4. GUARANTEED to PROMOTE Hair growth (✨Works for ALL Ethnicities)
6. Reduces Dandruff, helps Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Cradle Cap, Kid Friendly (recommended use for 6 months old & up)
7. Product has been PROVEN to work on over 95% of users!
8. Apply directly to the scalp 1-3 times a week for best growth & thickening results
9. Heals split ends, strengthens Hair at the root, High in Vitamin A & E
10. Adds shine to hair & locks in moisture
11. Can be used as Body Oil for hours of moisturized skin (non-greasy)
12. Several Reported cases of growing EDGES back & bald/thinning areas
13. Contains Antibacterial properties
14. Can be used on MEN’S Beards
15. Top of the line Lavender-Vanilla Scent

DISCLAIMER: ALL ingredients are all 100% natural, but cold pressed from PLANTS & NUTS!

 Instructions For Use:

    1. Fill your Magical Wand, and section hair about an inch apart.
    2. Apply drops of #TheMagicalPotion directly to the scalp about one inch apart, then spread with your finger to connect the dots. Yes, the Potion can also be used all over the hair to achieve the many benefits listed on the fact sheet below.
    3. It is recommended to apply #TheMagicalPotion 1-3 times a week. However, it is completely fine to use everyday if you’d like. No rinsing is needed.
    4. It is OPTIONAL to use a blow dryer (10-15 sec) or hooded dryer (1-3 min) to heat the Potion up after application. This opens scalp pores, therefore enhancing the Magic!
    5. For oily hair, or hair that requires shampooing every 2-3 days...apply at least 24 hours prior to your shampoo day. Let the Potion sit, then shampoo out in 24 hours. The longer it sits & stimulates the scalp, the better!
    6. Most customers see visible results in 2-4 weeks! Please be aware that results may vary & some individuals may not see results until 6-8 weeks. Simply use consistently, and you will receive multiple benefits from the fact sheet!